This veil is made of fine silk net with embroidery. It measures 38 1/2" wide and 18 1/2" long. There is a casing at the top edge of the veil. A ribbon would be passed through the casing, allowing the veil to gather to fit the bonnet.

This veil came in a box with a hand written note attached which reads as follow:

"This lace veil was in the champagne basket in which Aunt Rebecca Sterrett kept treasures. I suppose she wore it in the 1850s or '60s. Her mother Sarah Gardner (Mrs. Henry Sterrett) died in 1844 leaving six children unless Emily, about 18 died earlier. The eldest was Evaline_Mrs. Hite_ of Bridgewater; Rebecca Isabella, spinster; Wm. Gardner, lawyer who died in Westn State Hospital from drink; Mary Henrietta_Mrs. Gooch_; Franklin Francis Sterrett, my father, who was born at dear Willow Glen_ (the others all, too, as far as I know) Churchville, Va, where I was born too, in 1867. The house one of oldest in county is now devoid of donuer windows and every other mark of gentility and dainty upkeep- 12, 1, 1934, May S. Irvine"