About Stormi Souter

Historic clothing has been a life long passion for me. As a child, I anticipated stops at Colonial Williamsburg, watched Gone with the Wind a countless number of times, and prized my American Girl Dolls over all other toys. As I grew up, my attention switched to focusing on history and how original garments were created and worn. My first big taste of antique clothing came from a summer trip to visit the Kent State University's collection of original garments.

The first piece of antique fashion that I owned was a chevron striped rayon evening gown from the late 1930s that I found in an antique shop the same summer as the Kent State trip. Within a few years, my collection grew to hundreds of original articles of clothing, shoes, photographs, fashion magazines and more. In college, I began to realize the importance of not just collecting, but also preserving these precious originals. My collection is now much smaller than it once was, but every item is cleaned and stored in an acid-free, pest-free environment so that future generations can cherish them as well.

In addition to collecting vintage garments, I started making my own reproductions in my teenage years. 11 years ago, I went to a Civil War reenactment and have been participating, on and off, in living history ever since. My interests have focused in the 1830s through 1860s and in the first half of the 20th century. While I prefer the freedom from modern-day politics and prejudices that independent reenacting and living history affords, I did serve as Event Coordinator and Co-President for the new defunct Citizens of the Old North State for 3 and 1 years, respectively.

Professionally, I work in history museums. I've worked in collections and archives in the past and am currently working in education and programs.

About Finola Doodle

Finola is my sweet baby girl. She's a shih-tzu that was born on October 6th, 2008. While she doesn't sew, and isn't even historically correct, I love having her around! She does find fabric scraps, pins, and freshly ironed laundry wonderfully fun!

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