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    1. That fashion differs from country to country may reflect the cultural differences from one aspect. 各个国家不同的时尚潮流从一个方面反映了各国之间的文化差异。

    2. When the delayed flight will take off depends much on the weather. 那架延误的班机何时起飞在很大程度上取决于天气。

    3. What we expect from you is working hard rather than hardly working. 我们期待你的是努力做事,而不是几乎什么都不做。



    3句用what引导主语从句,what在主语从句中用作动词expect的宾语,在意思上相当于the thing that




    1. It is by no means clear what the president can do to end the strike. 完全不清楚总统要做什么才能结束那场罢工。

    2. It remains to be seen whether the newly formed committee’s policy can be put into practice. 新形成的委员会的政策能否贯彻落实还有待被观察。

    3. It is unbelievable that Mr. Lucas leads a simple life despite his great wealth. 尽管卢卡斯先生拥有大量的财富,但是他过着简朴的生活,这真是让人难以置信。

    【分析】1句真正的主语是主语从句what the president can do to end the strike

    2句真正的主语是主语从句whether the newly formed committee’s policy can be put into practice

    3句真正的主语是主语从句that Mr. Lucas leads a simple life despite his great wealth



    what引导主语从句时有两种意思:一是表示什么,此时的what为疑问代词转化来的连接代词;二是表示“…………”“…………等,相当于all that, the thing that, the things that等,我们称此时的what为关系代词型 what。如:

    1. What we do next lies with him. 我们下一步做什么要由他决定。

    2. What you said at the meeting describes a bright future for the company. 你在会上的发言为公司描述了一幅美好的前景。

    3. What I want to tell you is the deep love and respect I have for my parents. 我想告诉你的是我对我父母的深爱和尊重。

    【分析】第1句中的what连接代词,表示什么;第23句中的what为关系代词型what,在意思上相当于the thing that



    这里所说的关系代词型-ever类词主要指whatever, whoever, whichever等词,它们引导主语从句时的主语从句的一个明显特点是,在意义上相当于先行词+关系代词,即 whatever=anything thatwhoever=anyone whowhichever=anyone who / any…that。如:

    1. Whatever is left over may be put into the refrigerator, where it will keep for two or three weeks. 剩下的任何东西都可以放入冰箱,在那里可以保存两三周。

    2. Whoever wants to stay in a hotel has to pay their own way. 无论谁想留在旅店都必须自己付账。

    3. Whichever one of you breaks the window will have to pay for it. 你们中不论是谁打坏了玻璃窗都要赔偿。

    【分析】第1句中的whatever相当于anything that

    2句中的whoever相当于anyone who

    3 句中的 whichever相当于any…who,即Whichever one of you breaks the window相当于Any one of you who breaks the window


    1. ________ she became an artist may have been due to her father’s influence.

    2. ________ he has been abroad or not doesn’t make much difference.(www.nmet168.com)

    3. ________ makes this shop different is that it offers more personal services.

    4. ________ we’ll do is to leave a note for Mum to tell her we won’t be back till late.

    5. “What do you want to do next? We have half an hour until the basketball game.” “It’s up to you. ________ you want to do is fine with me.” (www.yygrammar.com)

    6. Everyone is equal before the law, and ________ breaks the law should be punished.

    7. ________ player scores the highest number of points will be the winner.

    8. It is none of your business ________ other people think about you. Believe yourself.

    9. It is uncertain ________ side effect the medicine will bring about, although about two thousand patients have taken it.(www.yywords.com)

    10. It is not clear ________ some storms develop into hurricanes while others do not.

    【参考答案】1. That  2. Whether  3. What  4. What  5. Whatever  6. whoever  7. Whichever  8. what  9. what  10. why 

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