Today’s image is a CDV of a woman, about 30 years of age. There are no clues to her identity, only the photographer’s mark on the back: R. A. Lewis, 152 Chatham Street, New York.
A little about the photographer: R. A., or Richard Lewis, operated a photography studio in New York since the 1840s. His studio moved to the above address, 152 Chatham Street, in 1860. A popular studio, today we have many extant CDVs with his backmark.

The lady’s appearance is typical for the early 1860s. Her dress appears to be made of solid-colored wool, which has been finished with white collar and cuffs. Her skirt is pleated, and you can make out hem tape at the bottom of her dress. Her bodice is either pleated or darted to fit, and her sleeves are topped with trimmed jockeys. For accessories, she wears a belt with a metal buckle,  a cameo at her neck, and she appears to be wearing earrings. Her hair is smoothly parted in the center, and the sides secured in braids which are confined at the base of her neck.

On a purely vain note, she has lovely eyebrows! I am very envious of her arches!