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BrooklynToday’s image is another early 1860s image (I’m on a roll with that storage box!) The backmark reads “Carte De Visite —– W.L Troxell Photographer, 319 Fulton Avenue, (New Number 847) Bet. Portland Ave. and Elliott Place, Brooklyn. Particular attention given to Cartes de Visite of Children. No of Negative —–“. All I can find about this photographer is that they operated in both Brooklyn, N.Y.,  and St. Louis, Missouri.

Our subject wears a silk dress, which, has not been expertly fitted.  The waist has pulled up from the skirt where the dog-leg closure is (as many of my dresses do that to me periodically, I feel her pain), the upper bodice puckers as a result of the riding up, and of her arm resting on the table. Her skirt, which has the shin of silk or a silk-wool blend, has fold creases periodically, which makes me think that this was very shortly before a bolt of fabric. There is a slight color variation at regular intervals, which leads me to believe the fabric may be striped or plaid, but the wet-plate process did not pick up the color variation very well.

Her skirt is pleated, and her bodice darted. Her sleeves appear to be modified “bishop” style, with sleeve jockeys trimmed with braid work.  The buttons on her cuffs have a design, but I cannot make out what it is.

She has an open-work or crochet collar with a mosiac broach with star motif at the front, a velvet belt with metal buckle, a watch chain, and a wedding band on. Her hair is center parted, but far from perfectly straight!

My guess- her dress is new, and she will go home and tweak the fitting a smidge after she see’s how it looks!