SingSingI promise this is not a site just of images. I will be posting pictures of original garments and other artifacts I own… it’s just very easy to pull another CDV out of the box and put it on the scanner! Dresses…well, they take a bit more effort to photograph!

Today’s CDV, circa 1863,  is by Sherwood’s Photograph Rooms, Sing Sing, N.Y. The village of Sing Sing was renamed in 1901 to Ossining. I know nothing of Sherwood’s establishment.

Our sitter today wears a printed, likely wool, dress. While the scan shows dots as the print, on the original you can make out a diamond-esqe shape to the print behind the dots, as well as a vertical stripe. She has fringed trim on her open coat sleeves, as well as wears a number of yummy accessories: a gutta percha belt buckle with a large pocket watch tucked into the top of the belt, a perfectly centered pinked- edged ribbon bow at the center of her perfectly straight collar, and wrist decorations at the bottom of her white undersleeves. Her right wrist appears to have a velvet bracelet on, while the left wrist appears to wear a metal bracelet. She sports large earrings, and has an endearing velvet-ribbon adorned cap on her head.

This lady’s look, reader, is what I wish to aspire to! To look that composed and well put together in all the eras I portray! Alas, I think I end up with crooked collars and not quite as good of taste when it comes to accessorizing!