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Today I am sharing a set of ferrotypes of the same couple. I can’t tell you how fond of these I am.

Our first image shows the couple as the came in off the street, and in a typical and average pose of the era.


The second pose has the woman sitting on the man’s lap, in a much more intimate, and less commonly seen pose! My favorite part is how they both now sport a happy little smirk on their faces! The woman did move slightly during the exposure, so her face is blurred, but it is still an adorable image!


The combination of two shots gives us a full picture of what the woman, at least, wore that day. She wears a dart-fitted dress, likely of wool, with pleated skirt and coat sleeves. Her collar is of a round, stand-up variety, which pushes the date of this image into the 1865-1866 range. She wears a small broach, as well as a ribbon/net over her styled hair. While outside, she adds her smart sack-style jacket or coat, with a hat, which is a very sporty and fashionable choice for the era.

Our man wears matching striped trousers and vest. His cravat appears to be checkered, though it is hard to make out. There is a different, narrower stripe to his sack coat.

These were purchased in Ohio, so there is the possibility that is where the couple lived. They are just adorable!