I decided to mix it up a little with the image I scanned today- a kid!  This little girl, was apparently three years old at the time this image was struck.


She wears a white dress with infant bodice, a common style for her age group. You can barely make out that the edge of sleeves are vandyked. She has a beaded necklace on, possibly of coral beads, which were popular on children, as they were believed to have healthful proprieties.

She was photographer by Samuel Masury, 289 Washington St Boston. Masury had an established photography business in Boston by the time this image was taken in the early 1860s. He is to this day recognized as an artist for some of his daguerreotype work, which he started training in around 1842.  His studio is also know for producing several famous images of the era, including the “Ultimate Thule” image of Edgar Allan Poe!