Today’s image should help you get a mental break from all the hot summer weather happening! This lady is ready for winter!


Our subject today was photographers by Partidridge, Cor. Main & Bank Sts. Bridgeport. Conn. She is wearing plenty of warm outerwear! She has a long, woolen coat on, that comes to about the top of the ankles. Underneath we can make out the only details of her dress, a band of hem trim. Her coat closes up the front with a double row of buttons, and is loosely fitted through the torso. Her hands are buried in a fur muff, and she has a fur collar or tippet on.

Perhaps her most unique fashion choice is her jaunty hat! It is set at an angle, and covered in feathers, plumes, and other decorations. Her hair is confined in a noticeable thick net, and sits wide around the base of her neck.

While her fashion choices are somewhat obscured, her hat and hair choices would place this image in the early-mid 1860s.