Our subject today is identified on the back of her image as Julia Landis. She was Photographerd By J.J. Hess, Agt. S.W. corner Fifth and Penn Streets, Reading, PA.  The top corners of her image have been clipped, which indicates to me she had previously been in an album.


Julia wears a one piece dress, which appears to be made of a solid wool. She has military-influenced trim on her sleeves, with matching center front buttons. In several spots her trim is not laying very flat, but laying perfectly flat in others. It makes me wonder if it was intended to be flat, and some pieces have come loose, or if it was intended to have the movement. The only visible jewelry she wears is a small, round broach. Her hair is arranged simply, and all we can see of her style is the center part. There is a very light amount of pink tinting to her cheeks.

Julia’s style choices places her in the early-mid 1860s.

The photographer’s studio has two very interesting patterns of fabric as the curtain and table cover behind Julia!