Today’s image is a stereoview of a street scene. I lean towards this being a British image based on the style of houses and streets in the background, but I wish I could identify the uniform of the seated man on the far right.


Our image shows a woman selling goods behind a booth on the far left. A well dressed lady is selecting her purchases, while a maid carries a basket of goods behind her. Behind them is the seated man in uniform with a man in front of him, appearing to want payment.

The image has just so many good details! The street seller woman… who appears to have a cabbage she is showing the lady, wears a short jacket over a plaid dress, with her hair is covered with a kerchief. Our well dressed lady has a high-brim bonnet on, which is the most fashionable item in the image- placing it in 1863-4 range. She holds a wallet in her hands as she contemplates the cabbage. Our maid wears a poorly fitted dress, with white apron and cap. The bar-keep is without jacket, but has a splendid casual cap on. Our military man sits at a folding table, which I happy to have documentation for!