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Dear readers, you will now learn a secret of mine. I will, and do, collect artifacts without value. I am a rescuer. I have many items I have grabbed out of the mud at auctions (including one of my favorite bakelite bangles!), out of the garbage at estate sales (hello, 1940s scrapbooks), out of discarded piles at thrift stores and flea markets. I am not ashamed. They need rescuing.

Today’s image is one of several that I have rescued. It had been tossed aside as trash, for being too faded for sale! While it’s true, you may have a hard time selling this image of circa. 1855 evening party attendees, it’s still worth a little spot in one of my boxes.

Stereoview2I have tried to bring out the details that were once in this image a little bit better, but I will fully admit that I am not a wiz at editing images!

Stereoview2 (2)