Another image today! I am trying to get through the box of images I have out, so I can file it back away. I hate clutter, so having it out is starting to bother me!

I also took pictures this past weekend of one of my favorite cemeteries- so stay tuned for a bit of local history and pretty tombstones!

But today’s image! A rather plain ambrotype of young woman, housed in a gutta percha case. The image doesn’t offer many details of her dress- it has open sleeves, with white undersleeeves and a wide white collar with embroidered or white-worked details, stylish in the mid-1850s. She wears a ring on her left hand ring finger, and a twisted gold brooch at her neck. Her hair is arranged low over her ears, another indicator of the mid-1850s.


And… that’s all she wrote for today! Cemetery later this week, and I will be attempting to post more frequently to get through this box, so I can get out a new one! I plan on getting out one of the textile boxes next, but haven’t decided what era to start with! It will probably be whichever era I can figure out how to photograph easiest first! As much as I love the the 18th and 19th century clothing, I do not have anything good to display them on! However, I have a 1940s store mannequin that does a great job with the 20th century stuff.