Gotta get back in the blogging swing of things! We’ve been re-arranging our house (basically, my sewing and reenacting room now is where our bedroom was…. so much upheaval of all of my things!), and getting a post out has been at the bottom of the priority list.  I have managed to pack the originals away much more tightly then they used to be, so we will see where we go from here!

Today’s image was taken at “J.A. Wilson, Photographer, No. 42 State Street, New Albany, Ind.” It shows a couple sitting side by side.


She is sporting a dress with an asymmetrical bodice! This is a style I admire, but looks horrible on me. She’s trimmed the front of the opening, as well as her sleeves, with pleated trim. There are also diamond-shaped buttons acting either as the closure, or more likely, a mock-closure. Her skirt is pleated. Her collar has extended lappets, and a broach. You can see her wedding ring on her left hand.

Our man has only 3 of his 6 vest buttons closed (one button is missing all together). I am not sure if this is a style statement, or… a man that struggles with dressing himself. He wears a thin cravat, which was a fashionable choice during the Civil War years. The combined fashion choices of the couple would place this in the 1863-1865 range for me.