Today’s CDV is of a young couple (or brother or sister, or friends, &c), Photographed by W.G. Smith, Cooperstown, N.Y.

The lady is seated, and wears what appears to be a solid silk darted-to fit dress. She has minimal trim at the top of the sleeves; otherwise the dress appears plain. She wears a belt at her waist, but the waist of her dress is about an inch and a half lower on her right hand side, and about a half inch lower then her belt on her left hand side. She wears a wedding band, a fabric bow at the base of her narrow white collar, and her center-parted hair is confined with a net. The detail is poor, but it looks like she may have something hanging off her belt, as well as she may be wearing fur or leather cuffs.

Our young man stands next to her. His light colored trousers appear to have a rough texture to them. His vest does not have a collar, but is bound or trimmed with a contrasting colored fabric. He has a narrow cravat on, as well as a watch chain with large fob. He wears a darker frock coat, and holds his round cap in his hand. The way he has it angled does give us a good look at his lining, though!

The fashion details in this image place it during the 1862-1864 range.