I apologize for my absence as of late. We moved house back in September, and about the time I got everything unpacked and was ready to blog again, my faithful old laptop decided to die. It took a little bit of accepting her fate, and shopping around for what I needed, but I am back in business now!

Moving always makes me take stock of just how much *stuff* I have. I am fairly minimalistic compared to a lot of people I know; that is, if you over look the antiques and reenacting stuff. I collect a lot of antiques- and most of it is rather small things. They get filed away in an acid-free box, and I, sadly, forget I own many of them. On the upside, when moving, packing for an event, or showing off part of my collection to a friend or the blog, I get to re-find things I collected and get the same excitement as if they were new to me!

Example of what I do:

This past weekend, I found an antique mall about 4 miles from my house, that I never knew existed before. And it’s a gem of a store! As the holidays are coming up, I had to be very selective in what little bits came home with me, and left behind quite a bit that would otherwise have been mine. 20151118_222746

I couldn’t resist these two images- a CDV of a little girl, with a tax stamp on that back(which solidly dates this image from June 64-August 66), and this Ferrotype of about 1866 of a fashionable young woman. I will easily place these two in a box, forget about them, and be surprised by them later!


I also picked up an issue of LIFE magazine that I have been meaning to get for my WWII Military Women display, and an 1861 instructional book on Book-Keeping, because I may need to be able to efficiently keep books in the mid-19th century one day?


So, reader, I have exemplified my problem. Buy antiques. Store them for safety. Forget I own them. Be surprised later! Perhaps the most impressive part of this condition, is I have had chairs and beds surprise me later on…