Today’s garment is a tiny bodice- about the size of a 5 year old girl. (Yes, I know children vary wildly in size, but… the average size of 5 year olds I know!) The waist is about 20″, and the bodice is 12″ long.

It is made of a fantastic loud plaid silk, with coordinating silk fringe.


The bodice closes in the back with brass hooks and eyes. The bodice is yoked, both front and back. Piping finishes the waist, neck, armsyce, and sleeve edge. Much of the piping is not easily visible due to the fringe.


The short sleeves are created in two pieces.


The waist shows the center front gathering above the waistband. The bodice edge is finished in piping, and the waistband is purely decorative and stitched on top.


The sleeve; and a good picture of the trim.

The bodice is handsewn, and lined in a twill weave cotton. The sleeves are lined with polished cotton. There are three bones in the front of the garment- two are in darts that only appear in the lining, not the fashion fabric, and the center one has been attached via a casing.


Sleeve interior.