Today’s garment is perfect for the weather we are having! It’s a black velvet short coat, fully lined with a quilted lining. Warm and toasty!


The coat closes with with three loop and ball closures, and the coat is heavily trimmed.There was lace that went around the bottom of the coat, which is largely gone now. There is still plenty of other trim that remains on this coat though!


The back is cut in one piece, and there is no shaping to the coat beyond the seams.

The sleeves also had lace matching the bottom of the coat, but is largely missing now.


The neck edge is finished with bias piping of the lining silk.


Detail of the trim at the front closure- the loops are worked over metal rings.



The silk lining is interfaced with wool batting, and machine quilted. And look, a pocket inside the front!


The entire coat is lined, including the sleeves. The lining and the coat are constructed separately with their raw seams concealed in the interior of the coat.