Today’s garment is a much lighter type of outwear than the coat we looked at last. This silk wrap is made of one layer of unlined silk, and trimmed with silk velvet and fringe. About half the fringe is now missing.


The front is much longer than the back, and the garment closes with a single hook and eye and the collar.


The black silk velvet trim is made of cut fabric, not ribbon. The fashion edge is bound with the silk fabric. On the center front, the raw edge of both fashion fabric and trim and stitched together, and the trim is top-stitched to form the edge. On the neck edge, the  raw edge of the velvet is encased in a bias bind. On the bottom fringe edge the velvet is left raw under the fringe. All and all, it’s a very neat piece of because of how the edges are finished.


The garment is made of three pieces total, 1 back piece and the two fronts. A fairly simple garment, but very striking!