This is one of my favorite dresses. Ever. And it’s not even an era I “do”. It’s just so darn pretty. I feel it belongs in the first season of Downton, at a garden party.


The dress is made of a very sheer, lightweight white cotton with light blue polka dots! The dots are woven into the fabric.

There are two trims- a blue cotton bias, and a lace trim.


The dress is machine sewn, with much of the finishing work done by hand.

The bodice is a wrap style, cut of two pieces (a right and a left bodice), with kimono sleeves. The fitting to the bodice comes from large pleats tacked and the shoulder area.


The front of the wrap bodice is tacked together and stitched to the bodice. The dress opens at the side and back.


The lace trim is applied over two rows of the blue cotton bias. The blue cotton bias is used alone at the waist.


There is slight gathering of the bodice at the waist.


The dress opens at the side and back with a series of hooks and eyes. The bodice halves lap over each other and hook where the meet, and the remainder of the bodice closes along the waist. The opening is the skirt is perfectly hidden under one of the rows of trim.


The dress has a 29″ waist.


So pretty! It makes me want to do this era!